Publish Command

Share your command with the Slapdash community

Once you're happy with your command you may want to share it with others.

A published command will appear as a "Community Command" on the Slapdash developer site, allowing anyone to discover it and add it to their Slapdash account.

Publish Cloud Command

To publish a command, you need to fork the slapdash/platform repository, create a new folder inside commands and then open a Pull Request. Once your PR is merged, your command will appear on the Slapdash site, allowing anyone to install it. Each command gets its own folder and needs to follow some simple conventions. Here's an example of how a new command might be added to the repository.

Please name your command folder using the kebab case style (lowercase and hyphen used as a separator).

└── my-command-name
    ├── command.toml
    ├── icon.svg
    └── screenshot.json

Each command folder needs to have three files: command.toml, icon.svg and screenshot.json. You can copy other commands as examples, or read about the role of each file below.


This is a simple TOML file that contains metadata about your command.

icon.svg or icon.monochrome.svg

This is the icon that will be used alongside your command, when it appears in the Command bar. If you want Slapdash to automatically change the icon's color based on the selected theme, use icon.monochrome.svg.

We recommend a 64x64 px icon with no padding around it. If you need help finding an icon, you can try using the Search Iconfinder command.


This file is added by Slapdash employees so you don't need to provide it. It is a simple JSON file that contains one of the Command Responses that your command returned as well as some other metadata to help visualize the command on the Slapdash site.

Publish Local Command

There is currently no way to publish a Local Command but we're actively working on it. It should be available very soon. Stay tuned!


If you're not sure what category to put your command in, don't sweat it, we'll help categorize it. Here are some potential categories you might want to consider (or, just make up your own).

  • Automation

  • Books

  • Business

  • Developer Tools

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Finance

  • Food & Drink

  • Games

  • Health & Fitness

  • Design

  • Lifestyle

  • Kids

  • Magazines & Newspapers

  • Medical

  • Music

  • Navigation

  • News

  • Photo & Video

  • Productivity

  • Shopping

  • Social Networking

  • Sports

  • Travel

  • Utilities

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