Tokens allow customizing how the command's parameters are displayed in the input of the Command Bar.
  • paramName: The name of the parameter associated with this token. These parameters are typically added with ActionMoveAddParam.
  • label: Optional. The label for the token. By default, the parameter's name is used.
  • icon: Optional. The Icon for the token.
Masonry View: custom label and icon for a token
"tokens": [
"paramName": "image",
"label": "Moon",
"icon": "🌜"
"view": {
"type": "masonry",
"options": [
"imageURL": "",
"action": {
"type": "open-url",
"url": ""
"moveAction": {
"type": "add-param",
"name": "image",
"value": "moon"
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